About Us

cca-award-recieving-300x213I started Undercover Systems®, Inc. in 1995 with the intention of transforming previously unusable space under decks and pergolas into covered dry areas that can be used to expand a home’s outdoor living space.

Many years earlier a friend and I were talking about a way to use his under deck space, and more importantly, keep it dry! An interlocking panel system was an obvious choice but supporting the panels and integrating a gutter system that was attractive and functional was a bit of a challenge. With a lot of research and development, I developed a gutter design that was attractive, structurally sound and completely functional for the intended use.

To have a covered, dry area that previously was unusable has been well received by homeowners nationwide. In all of my years in business, the most enjoyable part of the process is to see the look of amazement of the face’s of homeowners and their families the first time they see their new under deck area.


Tom Stevens
Owner, CEO, Undercover Systems®, Inc.

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