15Undercover Systems started with just a simple idea and concept. In the early 1990’s, two friends were discussing how to use the space located under the deck to keep the space dry and useable. An interlocking panel system was created! Before the underdeck was developed, the only solution was metal roofing, or even some type of barn siding. This was non-effective in keeping the area dry or waterproofed. The Undercover Systems Inc. company opened and began in Atlanta, Georgia, and the rest is history!

 ban1What is an Underdeck?

An underdeck is commonly referred to as the ‘catch all’ for lawn equipment, but never known as a living space. When I would visit my friend, we would sit underneath his deck that was overlooking the golf course behind his home, while having a cold beer. I went to visit one summer afternoon and my friend was discussing how he would love to use the area under his deck as a porch or patio, if only it stayed dry, clean, and most off all, attractive. This ran across my mind as I left my buddy’s house. I had a panel system fabricated with some gutters and we decided to install it on his home. Wow! What a major difference it had made. Before we knew it, we did this for more friends and family members. Little did we know, that day changed our lives. We just started a new concept that is often referred to as an ‘underdeck’. I started marketing our amazing idea, Undercover Systems, in 1995, and our business has continued to grow tremendously each and every year. We have numerous licensed dealers that install our Undercover Systems across the United States.

Benefit With Our Underdecks Compared to Others:

The Undercover Systems has the only patented, engineered system. Our system is made for one purpose, and that is to claim the space that is under your deck to keep it dry, attractive and extend your space into an outdoor living space. We offer an amazing guarantee because our state-of-the-art manufacturing provides outstanding quality on each and every system that we provide and produce. We have many competitors that have tried to duplicate our product, but none of them have even come close to our amazing design and custom system that we offer. Each and every homeowner will receive our lifetime guarantee. You will be so thrilled with your new underdeck, and that is a promise!


There are many benefits of having an underdeck added to your home, which include:

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Custom Made to your Home’s design
  • Quality
  • Increase Home Appraisal
  • Dry
  • Outdoor Living Space
  • Attractive
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Excellence

How Long Do Underdecks Last?

An underdeck will last you a lifetime. The warranty with Undercover Systems is good for as long as you live in your home. There aren’t many home warranties that offer you this.

Types of Underdecks:

  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel.  Approved for attachment to decks by National and State level deck codes and the only substrate that Undercover Systems uses.

  • Vinyl.  Does not hold up and is only minimally effective for drying the under deck area.  A DIY product.

  • Aluminum.  Aluminum is not an approved metal for attachment to under deck areas because of “galvanic reaction” with copper preservative in Pressure Treated wood.  Copper will destroy aluminum in a relatively short time.


The cost to have an underdeck is reasonable in price. It can be installed to virtually any new or existing deck. They are installed beneath the deck, so this makes the price affordable for the homeowner. By adding an underdeck to your home, you are gaining an extra usable space that stays dry, adds value to your home with a lifetime warranty.

How Our Design Works and What is Our Design?

An underdeck is an amazing design that allows for any existing or new deck to have an added space that will be usable and dry. The Undercover Systems attaches to the support posts of the deck. There will be a few inches that will be between the deck and the underdeck design, to allow airflow and helps keep the area dry. A gutter system will be applied and attached, then a seal coat is applied.

Our design is unique. A smooth ‘flat panel’ ceiling design guttering system is attached to the existing or new deck. Each underdeck is uniquely customized for each home. There are never two alike. Our design will be customized to fit your deck exactly.

What Added Value will an Underdeck Add to a Home?

The underdeck will increase the value of your home, but along with an increased value, it will also provide:

  • Added exterior views
  • A year-round dry space
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Custom design

Undercover Systems allows for homeowners to custom design a livable space under their existing deck. It will add value to your home, and so much more. If you are interested in an underdeck, contact Undercover Systems today!

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