Why Should I Pick Undercover Systems, Inc. Over Other Systems on the Market?

There are many reasons to pick Undercover Systems over the other competitors on the market. One of the main reasons being we have a patented design that allows for our underdeck ceiling to be supported by the gutter system. The underdeck will be attached to the inside of the perimeter of the deck, so the deck is intact, safe, and sturdy. We have a superior design that won’t trap in debris and water, but instead, allows airflow, debris and water to flow freely. The other systems on the market just attach a ceiling under the deck. It lacks an airflow space and water flow process. This will cause your deck to age quickly. There is just no comparison with Undercover Systems and the other systems on the market!

Undercover Systems uses high quality materials. We use a 22 gauge galvanized steel that has been specially prepared with a special coating of a Dura-Coat polyester paint, so your underdeck will be sturdy, stabile, and rust-resistant. Our steel is so stable, it bears the strength of up to 50,000 pounds.The other systems use an aluminum standing seam panel that is a light gauge and many times they use an aluminum flashing, which can’t stand up to a lot of weight. All of the materials that the other systems use are all stock products, which means the products aren’t specially made for each homeowner.Undercover Systems uses products and materials that are specially ordered and produced to be made for each home. Every home is different and the products and materials should be made for a custom-fit.We train all of our employees through extensive training until they are certified. Homeowners will only get qualified, trained and certified team designers with Undercover Systems.

We provide our customers with a lifetime warranty that the other companies can’t match. The other systems on the market can’t compare to what we offer. If you are interested in having an underdeck installed at your home, then give the Undercover Systems a call today. We use the highest quality of specially designed materials and a lifetime warranty!

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