Outdoor Living Room


twoWouldn’t you love to relax in the evening with a nice, cool breeze while you relax on the sofa? Many homeowners are doing this with their outdoor living room, where they can relax in style and comfort. Undercover Systems has been enhancing outdoor spaces for over twenty years. We know the importance of having a space that is dry and can be used year-round, which is why we thrive on providing only the best services available.

Benefits of an Outdoor Living Room

There are many benefits of having an outdoor living room, which include:

  • Comfortable
  • Dry space
  • Added home value
  • Custom designed
  • Affordable

Who Designs the Layout?

The homeowner designs the layout of their outdoor living room. We install the underdeck and your creativity does the rest! You are able to choose the color, along with the layout. It’s your space and you will be in charge of how you want it to look.


Many homeowners fear that the cost of having an outdoor living room is going to be outrageous, however, it is quite affordable. The underdeck is installed underneath your current deck, so you will have a space that is dry, comfortable and affordable. The cost for the rest of the living room will depend on how expensive the furniture and décor are.

Added Home Value

Transforming your outdoor space to an outdoor living room will increase your home value by up to twenty percent. This space can be used year-round, which is a great added benefit.

If you are interested in having an outdoor living room installed, call Undercover Systems today! For over two decades we have been installing outdoor living rooms. Give us a call and let us discuss our outdoor living room process!


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