How We Make The Undercover Systems® Underdeck

Undercover Systems® produces and manufactures the material used for our ceiling systems at our state of the art facility that services all Undercover Systems® dealerships around the country. Homeowners and contractors can have complete confidence in the quality and consistency of the material they are getting as stringent quality controls are enforced at each stage of the fabrication process. Undercover Systems® has invested heavily in our computerized and automated fabrication process, insuring that you get a consistently beautiful, clean and finished looking ceiling every time.

step1STEP 1

Prepainted Steel rolls are loaded onto the machinery to start the manufacturing process.

step2STEP 2

Leveling – the material is precision leveled using a sophisticated machine that removes all factory imperfections out of the material and leaves it perfectly flat.

step3STEP 3

Cutting – next the material is fed into a Cut-To-Length machine that measures the ceiling panel length needed and cuts the panel to the desired dimension. Very little material waste occurs at an Undercover Systems® install due to the fact that each panel is specifically cut to the dimensions of your deck.

step4STEP 4

Forming – after the steel is cut it is moved onto the forming area. Here, a Precision Roll Former is used to shape the ceiling panels into our patented design, giving the panels enough engineered strength to support up to 12″ of solid ice. The reliability of our Precision Roll Former guarantees the dimensions of each panel is exact with the length being the only variable.

step5STEP 5

Gutters – our engineered gutters are the most critical component to the success of our entire ceiling system since they support the weight of the ceiling panels above, and anything like ice or debris that may sit on the panels for a period of time. Because of this, USI has spared no expense in purchasing a computerized forming machine that shapes the gutters to our exact specifications. Gutters like the panels are cut to job specific lengths so very little waste is incurred.

step6STEP 6

Finished Product – After production, the ceiling panels and gutters are wrapped in protective coating and packaged for shipping to Undercover Systems®dealerships across the country.


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