Undercover Systems® Warranty

IMG_7881-1-300x225We will warranty your Undercover Systems® “Clearspan Underdeck Roof System”* for as long as you own your home against leaks or paint failure. This warranty does not cover damage, acts of God or any other Natural Disaster. This is intended to cover defects in the finish or with workmanship. Cleaning and other maintenance is not covered. Any leaks outside of our guttering/ceiling system ARE NOT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF Undercover Systems, Inc. Damage is defined as, but not limited to, painting, paint stripping, modifications to the ceiling by someone other than USI, bleach or any caustic substance. Neglect or improper cleaning as outlined in Deck Cleaning and Treatment will void the warranty. Check with you local Undercover System as this warranty may vary by Dealer or State. Specific warranties are obtainable from each Dealer.

-Thomas M. Stevens, President

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