Undercover Systems®, Inc. has the only Patented (Patent number: 6,226,941), engineered underdeck ceiling that is a structural ceiling. What that means is our ceiling attaches to the support posts of the deck and to your home and DOES NOT ATTACH TO THE JOIST OF THE DECK.

What is the primary purpose for your system, and how is it being used?

Most homeowners utilize Undercover Systems® to fully utilize their outdoor home space year round. Our system keeps all water and debris from falling through your deck onto your outdoor décor, hot tubs, etc. The high quality finish provides a dry and very comfortable area for dining, entertaining, play arseas for kids and grandkids, and overall outdoor enjoyment of your home rain or shine.A typical deck size and system installation increases your livable home space. This is also beneficial for the value of your home should you ever sell your home. Our system dramatically improves the exterior views of your home. Some homeowners elect to completely close-in the space underneath their deck once the waterproof finished ceiling is installed.
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Can your under the deck roof system be installed on existing decks?

Yes, our roof system is easily installed on virtually any existing OR new deck. Since product installation takes place entirely underneath the existing deck, no deck boards or any existing deck structure needs to be changed.
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How does your system differ from others?

Undercover Systems®, Inc. has the only patented (Patent number: 6,226,941), engineered, structural under deck ceiling. Our system attaches to the support posts of the deck and to your home. It DOES NOT ATTACH TO THE JOISTS OF THE DECK. Integrated in our Clearspan design, is a clear airspace between the bottom of your deck and the top of our ceiling across the entire system. We maintain a void of between 4 to 7 inches between the bottom of the joists and the top of our system, which allows air to circulate and dry out the entire area. If we were attached to the joists, this would not be possible. We are of the firm belief that attaching metal, plastic, or any other material that catches water and debris to wood, even if the wood is pressure treated, will eventually cause dry rot and premature aging.Special Note: ACQ & MCQ PRESSURE TREATED WOOD AND COMPATABILITY WITH ALUMINUMOver the last few years there has been a proliferation of companies getting into the Underdeck business. It seems that their material of choice is Prepainted Aluminum which is readily available from Gutter Supply Houses and gives those companies a ready source for material. Prior to December 31, 2004 the use of Aluminum in an Underdeck Ceiling was acceptable. However, after that date, the Federal Government mandated that Pressure Treated Lumber no longer be treated with Arsenic as the preservative and instead Copper was to be used as the preservative agent. Those changes were made effective January 1, 2005 and all lumber was replaced at that time. The new specification for Pressure Treated is ACQ which stands for Alkaline Copper Quaternary. This new treatment is much safer for workers and others that may come into contact with Pressure Treated Wood. But there was a downside to the change. Most metals with the exception of Hot Dipped Galvanized, Stainless Steel and Copper will be destroyed when they come into contact with ACQ wood. All fasteners had to be changed as well as any other metal products that are used with ACQ treated wood. I my opinion, it is not a question of whether Aluminum will be undermined by ACQ treated wood, but rather when it will happen.
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What is your warranty?

We will cover your Undercover Systems® against leaks and paint failure for as long as you own your home. See Warranty webpage for specifics. The undercover systems roof is beautiful, strong and unique. No other under deck roof system is like it. We patented the system to prevent imitations. Our materials and processes are superior. Our installers receive extensive training and are employees, not sub-contractors. Our warranty guarantees you years of satisfaction while you own your home. Should you sell your home, this warranty can be passed along to the new homeowner upon complete system inspection by USI Certified Installers.
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What colors do you have?

We offer white, tan, bronze, gray. All of our colors are low gloss Polyester finishes.

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Can I install the ceilings myself?

No – USI warranties the product for life, and therefore must have our certified installers perform the installation. The value of the product is really in the product itself, as typical installations are usually 1 to 2 working days. Our installers complete a rigorous training procedure and are certified prior to being allowed to install our Clearspan System. All of our installers are employees of Undercover Systems®. We do not use Sub-contractors.
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How long does an installation take?

Usually, one to two work days. This is made possible due to the fact that we prefabricate our ceilings in our factory to the dimensions of your under deck area. The value of our product is in the product itself – not the labor. Final inspection and homeowner approval is required by USI prior to final payment.
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Can your ceiling be cleaned and what happens to the debris?

Our ceiling and gutter system is extremely low maintenance, however is still very accessible to the home owner. Due to our Clearspan design, most debris will collect in the front gutter and wash out of the downspouts. If you see or think there is a clog, the first notice of this will be debris in the gutter opening to the downspout. Simply push up the panel over the downspout and check the opening. If it is clear, lower the panel and check again in a few months. If the opening is clogged, clear the debris from each downspout opening and place a garden hose in the center of the gutter to flush any remaining debris. Also, you can contact USI directly and we will have a Certified Installer come to your home and inspect your system. Click here for cleaning instructions.
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Can the Clearspan System ceiling be removed?

Yes, and this is an important feature. We have removed our ceiling so that decks can be repaired or changed structurally and reinstalled without any loss of material. The homeowner simply removes the panels themselves, or asks USI to remove and reinstall the system. We have seen other products that have to be removed and scrapped because they cannot be reinstalled. (Remember other systems install on the joists of the deck with screws or nails, which renders them worthless if they have to be removed).
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